General Overview

Babel Enterprise provides a Security Dashboard with the following features:

  • Babel is able to measure the risk of each asset of a company, or a group of them.
  • Babel assists you to hardening your system showing the historical risk.
  • Babel evaluates compliance level of any security policy in a company, in order to help to achieve their goals, for instance, whether LOPD, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 policies are being accomplished.
  • Babel manages relevant assets for each one of the companies that Babel controls.
  • Babel generates reports, either in HTML or PDF with the security level of a system, compliances, domains, assets...

Babel Enterprise is able to gather data from different sources using:

  • Babel Agents: Light-weight software, multiplatform. Installing them in the company's PCs you will get low-level information regarding the OS.
  • Remote auditing: Babel also can audit systems remotely perfoming checks using protocols such as WMI or SSH.
  • Normatives: Customizable forms with questions that should be answered by the person in charge of the security or by each system's user, and would provide data regarding to the fulfilment of the normatives.
  • Collectors: Babel collectors are "translators" that allow babel to collect information from third party applications such as PandoraFMS, RSA EnVision, Splunk, Nessus, Snort and to gather data coming from those tools regarding the company's actives security.

All this data is kept in a relational database and it is used to calculate a conclusion that would show the security risk level and the grade of fulfilment of a normative.

Babel Enterprise has a Web interface and it allows that all the remote access can be done by using a web browser, without installing any additional software, allowing. This web interface has advanced fetaures such as: an advanced ACL system to configure what sections an used can see, customized PDF and HTML report generator, built-in document management system and much more.

How works Babel Enterprise?

  • Babel gathers all -relevant- security information from your systems using the Babel Agents or remote checks.
  • Makes a security index based on each host's data, using as security policy defined by the user.
  • Evaluate the risk for each host and allow you to compare between assets, domains, and hosts.

Babel Enterprise architecture

Babel Enterprise has a server-client architecture as follows: