Risk measurement


The use of Babel Enterprise as a global tool of security management implies his adaptation to audit environments that could be technical, no technical or both. The aim of Babel Enterprise is to realize an audit at great scale in huge organizations despite they haven't got any computer or any software agent processing the information.

In this kind of environments and with Babel Enterprise structure, a host could be a computer that has got the DDBB with all personal data of employees or the closet where they are kept, between others documents, the contracts of all the employees of the organization.

Babel Enterprise manages these assets, and allows to define the specific risk for each asset. Besides, it could obtain an automatic valuation of that risk from other sources: 

  • Software Agents, check the level security of the system and its hardening.
  • External Sources, tell us if our asset has additional risks, such as virus, vulnerabilities, etc. 
  • Internal Sources, regulations that tell us that our asset is insecure because it doesn't fulfill some legal requirements.

The inclusion of resources definition by Host allow us to realize and keep in a centralized way an all security assets. This allows to improve the risk calculation according the criticallity of the asset, considering this as the media of the criticallity of the host and the resources that it contains.